Jackson Institute Transitional Board


The Transitional Board provides faculty governance for the Jackson Institute as it makes the transition to school status. The most important role of the Board will be to appoint a permanent tenured faculty for the Jackson School, which we hope to open in the fall of 2022. 

Chair: Pericles Lewis 

Committee Members:

  • Michelle Bell
  • Steve Berry
  • Judy Chevalier
  • Alan Gerber
  • Penny Goldberg
  • Samuel Kortum
  • James Levinsohn (ex officio member)
  • Rohini Pande
  • Catherine Panter-Brick
  • Ben Polak 
  • Frances McCall Rosenbluth
  • Ian Shapiro
  • Timothy Snyder
  • Scott Strobel (ex officio member)
  • Aleh Tsyvinski
  • Arne Westad
  • Steve Wilkinson 
  • John Witt