Faculty Standards Review Committee


This committee plays an extremely important role in conducting formal reviews of allegations of violations of the Faculty Standards of Conduct, which codify Yale’s shared principles governing faculty members in relation to each other, to their students and trainees, and to the university and its staff members.¬† Committee members are elected by each school. Panels selected from the committee meet only when complaints are forwarded for consideration.

Chair: Harold Attridge 

Committee Members:

  • Emily Abruzzo
  • Julia Adams
  • Nii Addy
  • Jack Balkin
  • James Baron
  • Kristen Bechtel
  • Michelle Bell
  • Melvin Chen
  • Ted Cohen
  • Cindy Crusto
  • Jeffrey Douma
  • William Eskridge
  • Jonathan Feinstein
  • Mark Gage
  • Jay Humphrey
  • Joan Kearney
  • Lisa Lowe
  • Rajit Manohar
  • Vasileios Marinis
  • Andrew Miranker
  • Sophy Naess
  • Ilke Nalbantoglu
  • Dinesh Pashankar
  • Hermine Poghosyan
  • Maya Prabhu
  • Doug Rogers
  • James Saiers
  • Cynthia Santos-DeCure
  • ILona Somogyi
  • Donna Spiegelman
  • Lynn Tanoue
  • Linn Tonstad