University Safety Committee


The University Safety Committee reviews, and provides advice to the leadership of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) regarding EHS policies and programs. The Committee includes representatives from University offices that have expertise in and responsibility for various aspects of campus safety and is therefore also positioned to address and advise the University leadership on a broad array of safety issues that go beyond EHS’s purview.

Chair: Cynthia Smith

Committee Members:

  • Andrea Basile Terrillion
  • Robert Bienstock
  • Ronald Breaker
  • Pamela Caudill
  • Kevin Charbonneau
  • Lisa D’Angelo
  • Aaron Dollar
  • Anna Glover
  • Dev Hawley
  • Ronnell Higgins
  • George Hines
  • Daniel Killen
  • Anthony Kosior
  • Kathryn Krier
  • Marjorie Lemmon
  • Nancy Loucks
  • Duane Lovello
  • Von Narcisse
  • Carrie Redlich
  • Craig Roy
  • John Sinard
  • Albert Sinusas
  • Cynthia Smith
  • Brian Swan
  • Peter Tattersall
  • Dorothyann Van Rhijn
  • Stephen Woods