Yale Center for Natural Carbon Capture (YCNCC) Steering Committee

The Steering Committee will serve an important oversight role in YCNCC governance. Members will advise the YCNCC Co-Directors, David Bercovici and Liza Comita; provide guidance on Institute strategies and scientific initiatives; help steward Institute resources; interface with internal and external stakeholders; receive updates on plans and progress; provide feedback and propose ideas; and partner on faculty hiring, all consistent with the goals of the Center as articulated by the donor in their historic gift. Given the intrinsically interdisciplinary nature of the Center’s mission, its success depends upon the contributions and support of a diverse Steering Committee. In steady state, I anticipate that the Steering Committee will meet a few times each semester. More frequent meetings may initially be necessary as the Yale Center for Natural Carbon Capture ramps up and initiates its activities. 
Committee Members: 
  • Mark Ashton
  • David Bercovici
  • Jeff Brock, Co-Chair
  • Gary Brudvig 
  • Indy Burke, Co-Chair
  • Liza Comita
  • Michael Crair, ex officio 
  • Robert Dubrow
  • Erika Edwards
  • Larry Gladney
  • Maureen Long 
  • William Nordhaus
  • Jordan Peccia
  • Gerald Torres