Standing Advisory and Appointments Committee for the School of Management and Yale Jackson School of Global Affairs


The Provost’s Standing Advisory and Appointment Committee (SAAC) for the Yale School of Management and the Yale Jackson School of Global Affairs, advises the provost with respect to the school’s strategic plans, the authorization of faculty positions, and the appointment or promotion of faculty to senior positions.

Chair: Scott Strobel

Committee Members:

  • Karen Anderson (ex-officio attendee)
  • Tyrone Cannon
  • Gary Desir
  • Kenneth Gillingham
  • Oona Hathaway
  • Johannes Horner
  • Trace Kershaw
  • Helene Landemore
  • Jonathan Macey
  • Kaivan Munshi
  • Gerard Padro
  • A. David Paltiel
  • Dara Strolovitch
  • Tom Tyler