Planning Committee for the Osborn Memorial Laboratory Renovation


This project is informed by the recommendations from the Lower Science Hill Planning group. The group has produced a number of recommendations, many of which will inform the planning for the renovation of OML. The members of the Planning Committee for the Osborn Memorial Laboratory renovation and  stakeholders in the building  will provide valuable input on many facets of the project as described in detail below. We anticipate that this committee will meet at least quarterly, serving through the end of the design phase (estimated to complete in Winter 2024) and into the start of construction slated to begin in Spring 2024. 1. Communications - Disseminate information to your respective schools, departments, programs, institutes regarding the project’s progress, gather feedback from your colleagues, and serve to represent your constituency’s interests. 2. Assessment - Evaluate and provide direction on program and design for the building. 3. Observation - Participate in presentations from the architects and planners during design development and monitor overall project progress. 4. Response - As needed, provide consult and/or binding decisions to the project.   

Committee Members: 

  • Indy Burke
  • Liza Comita
  • Michael Crair, ex officio
  • Danielle Dailey 
  • Erika Edwards
  • Vanessa Ezenwa
  • Larry Gladney
  • Denny Kalenzaga
  • David Kelley
  • Meg Kirkpatrick, ex officio
  • Peter Majewski
  • Thomas Near
  • Justin Pezzolesi
  • Peter Raymond
  • James Saiers
  • Eric Sargis
  • Carla Staver
  • David Vasseur
  • Jim Westgate, ex officio