Advisory Committee for Postdoctoral Affairs


The primary mission of this committee is to improve the postdoctoral experience at Yale through the development and promotion of sound postdoctoral mentoring practices. The committee also serves as a valuable resource to advise my office on postdoctoral training, career development, and other factors that have the potential to enhance postdoctoral life at the University.  I am encouraged by the progress the committee has made since it was first convened, and look forward to it continuing this important work during the upcoming year.

Chair: Elias Lolis 

Committee Members:

  • John Alvaro, ex officio member
  • Karen Anderson
  • Michael Caplan
  • Lisa D’Angelo, ex officio member
  • Eduardo Groisman 
  • Anthony Koleske
  • Diane Krause
  • Carrie Lucas
  • Stefania Nicoli
  • Paul Turner