Review Committee for the Faculty

This committee plays an extremely important role in ensuring the integrity and fairness of our appointments process and other faculty policies. Panels selected from the committee meet only when complaints are forwarded for consideration. Although we have no way to anticipate how often or even if these panels will be meeting this year, we must have the committee standing ready to convene panels and decide these important matters should they arise during the course of the year. The procedures of the committee are described in the Faculty Handbook, Chapters III.L and III.M. You can read this online at

Committee Members:

  • Julia Adams
  • Jay Ague
  • Anne Alstott
  • Carlos Eire
  • Jonathan Feinstein
  • Paul Freedman
  • John Hare
  • Marcia Inhorn
  • Joshua Knobe
  • Mark Lemmon
  • Scott Miller
  • Victoria Nolan
  • Stephanie O’Malley
  • Holly Rushmeier
  • Shawkat Toorawa
  • Ebonya Washington
  • James Whitman