Radiation Safety Committee


The Committee advises the president, the provost, and the director of Environmental Health and Safety on policy matters relating to the protection of faculty, students, and staff from radiation; oversees the activities of the Radiation Safety Section of Environmental Health and Safety; and ensures the University’s compliance with federal and state regulations and University policies regarding the use of radioactive materials and radiation sources.

Chair: Albert Sinusas

Committee Members:

  • Jeffery Ashenfelter
  • Robert Bienstock
  • Kevin Charbonneau
  • Ming-Kai Chen
  • Zhe Chen
  • Gary Cline
  • Alyssa Greenwald
  • Yiyun Henry Huang
  • Steve Lamoreaux
  • Marina Picciotto
  • Anna Marie Pyle
  • Peter Reinhardt
  • Albert Sinusas
  • Cynthia Smith
  • Tammy Stemen