Computation and Data Services Advisory Committee


Sponsored by the Vice Provost for Research, the Vice President for IT & Chief Information Officer, and the University Librarian, this advisory committee is convened to identify needs and make recommendations for a strategy and a set of principles for Computation and Data support services for Yale University. The strategy will be a university-wide approach to anticipating, managing, and supporting the increasingly complex set of challenges facing researchers as their work is informed by new technologies, computational methods, interdisciplinary approaches, and new forms of scholarly output.


  • John Barden
  • Michael Crair
  • Barbara Rockenbach¬†

Committee Members:

  • Ron Borzekowski
  • Lisa D’Angelo¬†
  • Lauren Di Monte
  • Robert Frank
  • Michael Higley
  • Kiran Keshav
  • WIlliam Lauenroth
  • Paul Messier
  • James Noonan
  • Lucila Ohno-Machado
  • Julian Posada
  • Wies Rafi
  • Holly Rushmeier
  • Wade Schulz
  • Chuck Thompson
  • Laura Wexler
  • Bryan Kelly
  • Dan Weinberger