Yale Center for Research Computing Steering Committee


The Yale Center for Research Computing (YCRC) Steering Committee is a committee jointly chaired by the Deputy Provost for Research, the YSM Deputy Dean for Academic & Scientific Affairs, and the Chief Information Officer. This committee will steer the intellectual direction of the YCRC and advise on budgetary matters. More generally, the committee will guide strategy, direction and decision making regarding the use and support of computational research technologies, and it will help set priorities for the YCRC. 

Committee Members:

  • Alan Anticevic
  • John Barden
  • Ron Borzekowski
  • Michael Crair
  • Lisa D’Angelo
  • James Duncan
  • Dylan Gee
  • Mark Gerstein
  • Larry Gladney
  • Michael Higley
  • Allen Hsiao
  • Sohrab Ismail-Beigi
  • Kiran Keshav
  • Meg Kirkpatrick 
  • Anthony Koleske
  • Smita Krishnaswamy
  • Shrikant Mane
  • Barbara Rockenbach
  • Kenneth Scheve
  • Peter Schott
  • Wade Schulz
  • Anthony Smith
  • Serena Tucci
  • Hongyu Zhao