Biological Safety Committee


The Committee advises the president, the provost, and the director of Environmental Health and Safety on policy matters relating to the protection of faculty, students and staff from biohazardous agents that may be present in laboratory materials or in the environment; oversees the activities of the Department of Biological Safety within Environmental Health and Safety; fulfills the responsibilities of the Institutional Biohazards Committee as defined in the NIH Guildelines for Recombinant DNA Research; and ensures the University’s compliance with federal and state regulations and University policies regarding the use of biohazardous agents.

Chair: Craig Roy

Vice-Chair: Eduardo Groisman

Committee Members:

  • Shrilatha Balakrishna
  • Douglas Brackney
  • Angela Bransfield
  • Craig Brodersen
  • Kevin Charbonneau
  • Susan Compton
  • Stephen Dellaporta
  • Rick Fontana
  • Ben Fontes
  • Alyssa Greenwald
  • Troy Hallman
  • Roz Hamilton
  • Robert Heimer
  • Farren Isaacs
  • Douglas Kankel
  • Meg Kirkpatrick
  • Brett Lindenbach
  • James Macy
  • Richard Martinello
  • Jamie Maziarz
  • Leonard Munstermann
  • Thomas Murray
  • Patricia Preisig
  • Maren Schniederberend
  • Michael Schrier
  • Cynthia Smith
  • Peter Smith
  • Richard Sutton
  • Peter Tattersall
  • Paul Turner
  • Dorothyann Van Rhijn
  • Joseph Vinetz
  • Carolyn Zeiss