Institution for Social and Policy Studies Executive Committee (ISPS)


The Executive Committee is an important sounding board for the provost and for Alan Gerber in his role as ISPS’s director. In the model of other academic executive committees at Yale, this group will provide valuable perspectives on a range of topics to do with ISPS’s strategic direction; program development; academic partnerships; budget; and other matters. The committee serves as an advisory council that can bring very specific recommendations to our attention, but does not set policy. 

Chair:  Alan Gerber  

Committee Members:

  • Joseph Altonji
  • Steven Berry
  • Kerwin Charles
  • Ana De La O Torres
  • Heather Gerken
  • Gregory Huber
  • Grace Kao
  • Jennifer Richeson
  • Anthony Smith
  • Ebonya Washington
  • Steven Wilkinson