Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)


The University relies upon the IACUC to ensure that the care and use of animals involved in Yale’s research initiatives are humane, appropriate, and in compliance with relevant regulations and policies.

Chair: Gary Cline

Co-Chair: Sabrina Diano and Elizabeth Eynon

Committee Members:  Confidential Member list

  • Jennifer Asher
  • David Dicks
  • James Elting
  • Melissa Funaro
  • Kelly Fusco
  • James Goodrich
  • Denise Graham
  • Ann Habermann
  • Troy Hallman
  • Paul Heerdt
  • James Macy
  • Kathleen Martin
  • Ralph Schoemann
  • Albert Sinusas
  • Peter Smith
  • Claudia Swanson
  • Gregory Watkins-Colwell
  • Shannon Whirledge
  • Steven Wilson
  • Adam Wisneski
  • Elsio Wunder