Human Embryonic Stem Cell Oversight Committee (ESCRO)


The ESCRO was convened to explore and address the many ethical, scientific, and policy questions associated with human embryonic stem cell research and to oversee the derivation and use of human embryonic and other human totipotent and pluripotent stem cell lines at the University and/or by Yale investigators. The ESCRO,reviews research proposals involving human embryonic/toti-pluripotent cell lines (hES research); monitors and promotes compliance of hES research with all relevant regulations, policies, and guidelines; maintains registries of hES research conducted at Yale and hES cell lines derived or imported by University investigators; and facilitates the education of investigators and research personnel involved in hES research in related ethical, legal, and policy issues. The ESCRO must draw upon expertise from a variety of disciplines to exercise its responsibilities.  View a detailed list of committee members.