HIPAA Privacy and Security Advisory Committee


The Committee provides guidance in regard to safeguarding HIPAA-protected health information (PHI).  The Committee will advise the provost, the Chief HIPAA Privacy Officer, and the HIPAA Security Officer on policies, procedures, and controls to protect PHI and to ensure compliance with federal HIPAA regulation and guidance; HIPAA compliance monitoring and risk mitigation strategies; and University responses to emergent HIPAA enforcement and regulatory activities.

Chair: Cynthia Smith

Committee Members:

  • Douglas Bebbington
  • Sylvia Bedard
  • Frederick Borrelli
  • Susan Bouregy
  • Michael DiMaggio
  • Terri Estes
  • Allen Hsiao
  • Holly Kennedy
  • Nancy Loucks
  • Paul Genecin
  • Mary O’Brien
  • Cynthia Pattison
  • Hugh Penny
  • Peter Rivers
  • Harold Rose
  • Kelly Santamauro
  • Sharon Schmidt
  • Russell Sharp
  • Cynthia Smith
  • Glynn Stanton
  • Lisa Stump
  • Martha Swartz
  • Andrea Basile Terrillion
  • Tina Tyson
  • Mathew Varughese
  • Ronald Vender