Cooperative Research Committee


The Committee advises the provost on policies and procedures relating to intellectual property and technology transfer, as well as on related issues associated to the academia-industry interface. The Committee also provides advice and direction to Yale’s Office of Cooperative Research (OCR), particularly on matters relating to faculty interests in technology development and faculty interactions with OCR.  It will also serve to provide broad advice to the Provost’s Office on student and faculty entrepreneurship at Yale, and specifically on synergies among different efforts in this space. 

Chair: Peter Schulam

Committee Members:

  • Amy Arnsten
  • Robert Bienstock
  • James Boyle
  • Pamela Caudill
  • Robert Constable
  • Craig Crews
  • Bradford Gentry
  • Angelika Hofmann
  • Akiko Iwasaki
  • Kyle Jensen
  • Clare Leinweber
  • Rajit Manohar
  • Paul Murawski
  • Peter Schiffer
  • Peter Schulman
  • Jonathan E. Soderstrom
  • Vincent Wilczynski
  • Julie Zimmerman