AIDC (Advanced Instrumentation Development Center) Planning and Transition Group


The Advanced Instrumentation Development Center (AIDC) Planning and Transition Group of the Physical Science and Engineering Building Phase I Planning Committee will help ensure the success of the project by assisting Yale Facilities, Administration, and the chosen Architect through planning and construction of the lab and common spaces for PSEB I (Physical Sciences and Engineering Building, Phase I), helping to align the spaces with the programmatic needs of the building. Completion of PSEB Phase 1 is slated for 2023. This committee will serve through the duration of the project including the planning, construction, and commissioning phases.

Committee Members:  

  • Joerg Bewersdorf
  • Stephen Brown, e.o.  
  • Robert Constable
  • Lisa D’Angelo, e.o.
  • Christie Day, e.o.
  • Dev Hawley
  • Karsten Heeger
  • Christopher Incarvito, e.o.
  • Cathy Jackson
  • Mark Johnson
  • Meg Kirkpatrick, e.o. 
  • Rajit Manohar
  • Ben Myers
  • James Nikkel
  • Samuel Olmstead
  • Julie Paquette
  • Peter Raymond