Visiting Undergraduates Participating in Research or Clinical Activities

Undergraduate students 18 years of age or older[1] who are currently enrolled in an accredited degree-granting institution other than Yale may request an opportunity to participate in approved educational research and/or clinical activities under the mentorship of a Yale faculty member.

This policy does not apply to students currently enrolled in a graduate degree program at another institution. Graduate students desiring to perform research at Yale should apply through the Visiting Assistant in Research program administered through the Graduate School.

Requirements for Working with Visiting Undergraduates in Research/Clinical Activities 

  1. The sponsoring faculty member must submit an application, including appropriate supervisory plan, via EHS Integrator.
  2. All proposed research or clinical activities conducted by visiting undergraduates (VSR) in University locations must adhere to the requirements or restrictions imposed by the provost or provost’s designee, the department or school, the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), and where appropriate other compliance units, including the Human Research Protection Program (HRPP), Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), and HIPAA. Sponsoring faculty members may impose additional restrictions that they deem necessary for the safety of the VSR and other members of the laboratory or work unit.
  3. The sponsoring faculty member must follow all relevant safety and compliance requirements, and adhere to the approved supervisory plan.
  4. The sponsoring faculty member must ensure that the VSR does not enter the work area prior to completing ALL required training and ensure that the VSR is appropriately supervised at all times by a qualified scientific supervisor. The sponsoring faculty member must resolve any outstanding compliance issues, as notified, before the VSR application is further processed.
  5. The sponsoring faculty member must arrange a timely Yale appointment for the VSR through the relevant department business office. Individuals approved for participation will be given a classification type of “Visiting Student Research/Clinical” in the Sponsored Identity system (VSRs may not be entered into Workday). A Yale net ID will be required in order for the VSR to take the appropriate training courses.
  6. The purpose of the VSR’s participation in research/clinical activities at Yale is to provide the student an opportunity for research/clinical experience under the mentorship of a member of the Yale faculty. The research/clinical experience at Yale is solely for the educational benefit of the student and does not constitute an employment relationship between the student and Yale. A VSR may receive a stipend directly from his/her home institution, or receive other fellowship support. Support through Yale administered funds is permissible only when it is provided as a stipend to support an educational experience (e.g. under provisions of an NSF REU Supplement).
  7. Under normal circumstances, initial appointments under this policy will be made for up to one academic semester/summer, or up to six months. With prior approval and proper justification, appointments can be made up to a maximum of a full academic year plus one summer (12 months total). Under no circumstances may the activity extend longer than 12 months.
  8. Participants approved through this policy are not enrolled as Yale students, may not attend formal classes, and do not receive course credit from Yale for their activities.
  9. Applicants from international undergraduate institutions for this program must meet all of the requirements to enter the country under the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program. Prospective participants should contact the Office of International Students and Scholars for application information for the J-1 visa.

1 Minors who are 16 or 17 years of age may apply to participate in approved educational research and/or clinical activities under the individual mentorship and supervision of a faculty member through the Yale Minors Participating in Research or Clinical Activities process.

Last updated March 20, 2017