Gift Acceptance and Review

The university’s Gift Acceptance and Review Policy sets out core principles and considerations that guide Yale’s decisions regarding whether to accept a gift*, return a gift, or redirect or modify the terms of an accepted gift; and it describes Yale’s gift acceptance review process.

The policy applies to any staff or faculty member who solicits, accepts, or manages gifts on behalf of the university.

Resolving Questions and Concerns Regarding Gifts to the University

Gifts to Yale must adhere to the principles outlined in the university’s Gift Acceptance and Review Policy. Faculty and staff with questions or concerns about a possible violation of this policy are encouraged to first attempt resolution through informal channels.

Anonymous reporting

Members of the Yale community who wish to make a confidential report or who need help addressing a concern related to Yale policies, including the Gift Acceptance and Review Policy, may contact the University Hotline by calling 877-360-YALE or filing a report online. Users of the University Hotline may provide their name and contact information or may choose to remain anonymous. The Hotline is staffed by an independent, third-party reporting service provider and is available to community members twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. Reports to the Hotline are forwarded by the service provider to University Auditing and the Office of the Senior Vice President and General Counsel, who will coordinate a review of the issue by the appropriate university channels. Read more about the Hotline.

Informal resolution

Faculty or staff with questions or concerns about the acceptance or administration of a gift may also seek guidance and attempt resolution by discussing the matter with the relevant department or program chair, head of unit, and/or dean.

Questions and requests for consultation may also be directed to the Office of the Provost. Messages to the office are addressed by the provost’s office representative best suited to provide guidance on the specific issue raised.

Formal review of faculty complaints

When informal consultation is not possible or does not result in resolution, faculty members may seek review of the matter according to the Review Procedure documented in Section III.M of the Faculty Handbook.

In the event that the provost was significantly involved in the matter of concern, the president will assume the provost’s role in the review procedures.

*A gift is any item of value given to the university by a donor who expects nothing of significant value in return, other than recognition and disposition of the gift in accordance with the donor’s wishes. Gifts to the university are separate from sponsored awards (i.e., grants and contracts). This policy applies only to gifts. Read more about the distinction between gifts and sponsored awards.