Yale Faculty Handbook

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Recent Updates to the Handbook

(Archive of prior versions of the Handbook available at EliScholar.)

October 1, 2021

*  Throughout Handbook: updated Office for Equal Opportunity Programs to Office of Institutional Equity and Accessibility; updated School of Drama to David Geffen School of Drama; Updated School of Forestry & Environmental Studies to School of the Environment.

* Section III (Faculty Ranks, Appointments, and Policies: University-wide): clarified criteria for less than full-time appointments; clarified policies related to extension of time in rank; clarified procedures for review of complaints about violations of Faculty Standards of Conduct.

* Section IV (Faculty of Arts and Sciences): updated department and program listing; clarified voting policies; updated composition of Yale College faculty meetings; clarified FASTAP 2007 and 2016 policies for appointments on term and Associate Professor with Tenure.

* Section IX (School of the Environment): added Senior Lecturer II rank.

* Section XI (School of Management): clarified procedures for term appointments.

* Section XII (School of Medicine): clarified voting right and policies; clarified appointment and promotion procedures; updated notice requirements for non-reappointment to certain ranks; added Visiting Research Scientist rank; Added Clinician-Scientist track to replace Clinician-Scholar track.

* Section XIV (School of Nursing): clarified process for requesting transfer of track; added Assistant Professor to Clinical and Traditional tracks.

* Section XVII (Leaves of Absence and Teaching Relief: University-wide): clarified policies on teaching relief for non-ladder instructional faculty.

* Section XVIII (Faculty Compensation, Benefits, and Services): updated descriptions of benefits available to faculty to make consistent with descriptions in other University communications.

* Section XIX (Retirement): clarified policies related to the Phased Retirement Plan.

* Section XXI (Other University Policies Affecting Faculty): updated Resource Office on Disabilities to Student Accessibility Services.

August 22, 2019

*  Section III (Faculty Ranks, Appointments, and Policies: University-wide):  clarified the procedures for the appointment of fully joint and secondary appointments.

*  Section IV (Faculty of Arts and Sciences):  added provisions regarding secondary appointments consistent with the procedures in Section III.

*  Section V (School of Architecture):  clarified the procedures for faculty appointment and promotions to make consistent with FASTAP 2007.

*  Section VI (School of Art):  added description for the ranks of Senior Critic, Critic, and Lecturer; and clarified the School’s leave policy.

*  Section VII (Divinity School and Institute of Sacred Music):  revised School-specific policies for faculty ranks and leaves.

*  Section IX (School of Forestry and Environmental Studies): clarified the School’s leave policy.

*  Section X (School of Law):  clarified description for the ranks of Clinical Associate Professor of Law and Tutor in Legal Studies.

*  Section XI (School of Management):  updated description for Appointments, Curriculum, and Strategy Committee; and clarified procedures for term appointments.

*  Section XII (School of Medicine):  clarified the procedures for appointments and promotions for School of Public Health faculty and clarified the descriptions of the adjunct faculty ranks.

*  Section XIV (School of Nursing):  clarified the procedures for appointments and promotion.

*  Section XV (Research Appointments: University-wide): clarified procedures for the appointment of postdoctoral appointees.

*  Section XVII (Leaves of Absence & Teaching Relief: University-wide):  clarified the policies regarding teaching relief for child rearing.

October 17, 2018

* Updates to Sections III and XVII to clarify the policies related to parental benefits.

* Updates to Section XXI to clarify policies related to short- and long-term medical disability.