University Postering and Chalking Policy

This policy is intended to promote the exchange of information and ideas within the university community. Consistent with Yale’s policies on free speech, the policy states reasonable time, place, and manner regulations that apply to postering and chalking at the university. Only university community members may post or chalk on Yale’s campus absent permission from Yale administration. Yale College and the Graduate or professional schools may impose additional requirements.

University Postering and Chalking Policy


The following rules apply to posters or similar items (“posters”):

  1. Location: Posters may be placed only on bulletin boards or other spaces that the university or a school has designated for posting. No posters may be placed on other campus spaces (for example, on or hung from windows, on the exterior of any buildings, on campus gates, or walls).
  2. Format: Unless otherwise indicated in a school’s designated postering spaces, posters must conform to the following format requirements. Posters may not exceed 11 inches by 17 inches. Posters may not be affixed using any damaging materials (for example, glue, staples, or tape). Thumbtacks or pushpins should be used on bulletin boards but may not be used on any interior or exterior woodwork.
  3. Content: Posters for an event must provide the name, date, time, and location of the event; the name of the sponsoring organization; and the email address or phone number of the organizers. For all posters, the person putting up the poster must clearly print their name and the date on the poster. Only one copy of a poster may be placed in the same designated space at any one time. Posters may not include content that is harassing, threatening, or that violates law or Yale policy.
  4. Removal: Authorized staff typically remove all posters from bulletin boards and other designated spaces once a week. Staff also may remove posters that do not comply with this policy; no one else (other than the person who posted the poster) may remove, deface, obscure, or destroy existing posters.

The following rules apply to chalk messages on Yale’s campus:

  1. Location: Chalk may be used only on outdoor walkways that are open to the sky and the weather. Chalk may not be used indoors, on walls or other vertical surfaces, or on covered outdoor areas (e.g., under overhangs or archways).
  2. Format: Chalk messages must use temporary materials (e.g. only water-soluble chalk may be used, not spray chalk) and may not exceed 4 feet by 4 feet. Additionally, not more than one chalk message associated with the same person or organization may be visible from any single point.
  3. Content: Chalk messages may not include content that is harassing, threatening, or that violates law or Yale policy.
  4. Removal: Authorized staff may remove chalking that does not comply with this policy, or after one week, or in the normal course of cleaning facilities and grounds.