Yale’s Culture of Integrity and Ethical Conduct

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Dear Fellow Members of the Yale Faculty and Staff,

Last fall, the members of the University Cabinet sent a joint message to the Yale community to thank you for the work you do to advance Yale’s mission in a way that reflects the university’s highest standards and to underscore our unambiguous commitment to maintain and advance a culture of integrity, ethical conduct, and sound stewardship of university resources.  In keeping with that message, we write today to reemphasize the importance of Yale’s Institutional Standards of Conduct and the shared commitment of our community to uphold these Standards.  

The Institutional Standards of Conduct, which were previously known as the Standards of Business Conduct, were first published in October 2003 by President Richard Levin.  The Standards articulate a set of ethical, legal, and professional principles that govern and guide the everyday actions of members of the Yale community.  They are periodically updated to reflect current law and university policy.  

Yale’s many policies, procedures, statements, and reports, together with myriad laws, regulations, and other external requirements that apply to our work, create a broad set of demands on faculty and staff.  The Institutional Standards of Conduct serve as a high-level summary of these well-established rules and expectations.  As we work together to pursue Yale’s mission in this complex environment, questions inevitably arise about the appropriate and ethical course of action.  The Standards are a reference guide, pointing readers to definitive sources that provide more specificity (such as the Faculty Handbook and Policy 1101 Guiding Principles for University Operations).  They link our mission and values to applicable policies and other requirements, providing a framework for our community to assist in navigating ethical decision-making.  We encourage you all to take the time to review and consider this important document.  

Thank you again for all that you do to promote a culture of integrity and ethical conduct at our university.  Your dedication to Yale and the many great contributions you make every day are essential to the continued well-being of our university.  We hope the Institutional Standards of Conduct will serve as a useful tool in your endeavors.  

With best regards,

Scott Strobel

Jack Callahan Jr.
Senior Vice President for Operations