Expanded Emeritus Status

Thursday, March 30, 2023

To: All Eligible Faculty and Faculty Who May Become Eligible; Deans

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce some recent changes to the university’s policies on emeritus status for faculty, including expanded eligibility for certain qualifying positions. These changes are designed to honor the contributions of long-serving faculty and to extend them privileges commensurate with their importance to our community of teachers, scholars, and learners.

Specifically, we are making several non-ladder instructional and research faculty positions eligible for emeritus status. These positions include: professor on the clinical track (soon to be called “academic clinician track”) in the School of Medicine; professor adjunct in all schools; senior lecturer & senior lecturer II; senior lector II; senior critic; senior research scientist; and senior research scholar. These positions’ eligibility will be contingent on 15 years of consecutive full-time service to the university, as well as a qualifying calculation of a faculty member’s age plus years of service equaling at least 75. It will also include the necessary approval steps of a faculty vote and reviews by the respective dean, the Provost’s Office, and the Yale Corporation.

These changes will be reflected in a new edition of the Faculty Handbook this summer. 

I am grateful to the working groups that initially put forward this recommendation, as well as the administrative partners who have worked to realize these important changes over the past months. And I am grateful to our many valued colleagues who are committed to carrying out Yale’s mission and whose invaluable contributions we will now be able to honor in this way.


Scott Strobel