Research Reactivation Phase 2 on July 20th

Monday, June 29, 2020

Summary: In accordance with guidelines issued by public health experts and the State’s Reopen CT Initiative, Yale will begin Phase 2 of Research Reactivation on July 20, provided there are no significant changes to the current public health conditions.

Dear Members of the Yale Community,

On Wednesday, May 13, we wrote to the Yale Community regarding Yale’s phased approach to the reactivation of university research. On June 1, Yale moved into Research Reactivation Phase 1, which limited research activities to those that can only be performed on campus. As of June 25, more than 720 labs and research facilities with more than 5,000 faculty, staff and trainees have returned to campus to restart their research programs.  

The current public health conditions in Connecticut continue to improve. The number of patients hospitalized at Yale New Haven Hospital with COVID-19 was 30 on June 25, down from a high of 447 on April 21. Given the improving conditions in Connecticut generally, Governor Lamont authorized the resumption of many business operations on June 17, as part of the State’s Phase 2 reopening. Provided that the current public health conditions do not deteriorate significantly, Yale will begin its own Phase 2 on July 20.  

Campus access during Phase 1 was restricted to activities that can only be performed on campus, while adhering to strict public health precautions. Phase 2 of Yale’s Research Reactivation broadens access to campus for faculty, staff, and trainees undertaking all forms of research activity permitted in a researcher’s primary working space, so long as there continues to be adherence to Yale’s guidance on physical distancing, room density, and other public safety measures. Undergraduates are not permitted on campus during both Phase 1 and Phase 2. Working from home is still recommended provided the work can be done remotely. Those who return to campus during Phase 2 should only access the office or workspace designated as their primary workspace.  

Faculty, staff, and trainees who are returning to campus only to access office spaces during Phase 2 will receive information from their schools, divisions or departments outlining the local procedures, timing, and guidelines for use of office spaces without the need for a specific research activation application. During Phase 2, faculty who conduct laboratory research, field research, and research involving in-person human subjects, who have not already done so, will need to submit a research reactivation application with a laboratory specific safety plan, as was required in Phase 1. Authorization of the safety plan is required for resumption of their laboratory, field research or human subjects research. 

All faculty, staff and trainees who return to campus for Phase 2 must abide by Yale’s public health guidelines, which include completing online COVID-19: Return to Yale Campus training and a daily health check using a web form or a downloadable mobile application. While on campus, face coverings must be worn at all times in public spaces, individuals must maintain 6-feet physical distance, and all shared spaces must be limited to no more than 50% of normal occupancy. These and other local details about Phase 2 of Yale’s Research Reactivation will be shared with you by your schools, divisions or departments in the next few weeks. 

We are grateful for the adherence by all faculty, staff and trainees to public health safety measures during Phase 1 of our research reactivation program. We understand that many of you are looking forward to returning to campus soon, and the continued adherence to these safety measures will be critical for a successful transition to Phase 2 of campus reactivation. We have much to prepare for throughout the summer as we anticipate an on-time beginning of the fall semester. We continue to count on your patience, your cooperation, and your ingenuity as we navigate this next phase of campus reactivation while protecting the health and safety of our community and our neighbors.  


Scott Strobel

Michael Crair
Vice Provost for Research

Whom to Contact with Questions:

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Questions about human resources issues: See or contact the Employee Service Center at or 203-432-5552.

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