Carolyn Van Gemert

Senior Executive Assistant
2 Whitney Avenue (Whitney Grove Square Bldg), Suite 400, Room 420B

Carolyn Van Gemert is Senior Executive Assistant to the Vice Provost for Research, Michael Crair, and to the Provost’s Research Team.  

Carolyn joined the Provost’s office in 2006, supporting Deputy Provosts for Science and Technology, the Deputy Provost for Research and now, the Vice Provost for Research team.  Carolyn graduated magna cum laude from Southern Connecticut State University with a BS in Business Administration, Management. She has pursued additional graduate classes within that University’s MBA program. 

Outside of the office, Carolyn leads an adventure group - organizing hikes, bikes, kayaks, good deeds and other fun activities.  She also volunteers with Adirondack Mountain Club and with the McKinney Natural Preserve, Outer Island section.  She is (even) occasionally able to get her two young-adult sons to join in some of the activities and volunteerism with her.