Announcing the PSEB Phase 2 Committee

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

I write today to announce the membership of the Physical Science and Engineering Building (PSEB) Phase 2 Committee.

PSEB is critical to our ability to realize our ambitious priorities for science and engineering strategies at Yale. Located north of Bass Center and to the east of the Class of 1954 Chemistry Research Building, PSEB will directly support the physical sciences and engineering, with a focus on initiatives in Quantum and Materials Science and faculty from several departments, including the Departments of Physics and Applied Physics, and dedicated space for advanced instrumentation and core facilities. It will be a centerpiece in our efforts to grow Yale’s capacity in these areas in accordance with our university-wide academic priorities, our university science strategy, and the recent School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) Strategic Vision Report. Three separate faculty committees—PSEB cores, the Advanced Instrumentation Development Center, and the Wright Lab Addition—have helped guide our work during Phase 1. We have made excellent progress during this first planning phase and are on track to begin construction of the new facility in 2023.

I have convened a separate faculty-led committee to gather and provide input on the many facets of the second phase of this transformational effort, largely focused on construction and extending through the building’s anticipated completion in 2027. The members of the PSEB Phase 2 Committee include faculty, facilities, and university leadership representative of the project’s key stakeholders, with faculty chosen based on their scientific expertise, alignment with the field of quantum science, current leadership roles, department affiliation, and other criteria. They are:

Sohrab Ismail-Beigi, Applied Physics, Co-Chair
Karsten Heeger, Physics, Co-Chair
Charles Ahn, Applied Physics
Eric Altman, Chemical Engineering
Gary Brudvig, Chemistry
Hui Cao, Applied Physics
Steve Girvin, Physics
Jack Harris, Physics
Rajit Manohar, Electrical Engineering
Vidvuds Ozolins, Applied Physics
Shruti Puri, Applied Physics
Diana Qiu, MEMS
Peter Schiffer, Applied Physics
Rob Schoelkopf, Applied Physics
Jan Schroers, MEMS
Hong Tang, Electrical Engineering

Jeff Brock
Michael Crair
Lisa D’Angelo
Chris Incarvito
Meg Kirkpatrick
Sarah Miller
Vince Wilczynski

Stephen Brown
Dev Hawley
Cathy Jackson

I want to thank the PSEB Phase 2 Committee members in advance, especially co-chairs Sohrab Ismail-Beigi and Karsten Heeger for their expertise and dedication to this project. I also want to thank the members of the three ongoing PSEB Phase 1 Committees for their concerted efforts in planning the steps to realize PSEB. Upon its completion, PSEB is likely to be the biggest capital project we have undertaken in Yale’s history. In its intersectional location and capacity, PSEB represents enormous potential for our collective work and Yale’s collective future success.


Scott Strobel