Faculty Phased Retirement Plan Summary


For eligible faculty with 10 or more years of tenured Yale service, the university offers an enhanced Faculty Phased Retirement Plan (FPRP).  Eligible faculty may elect to participate in this plan between their 65th and 70th birthdays.  Participating faculty can reduce their workload by 50% in their three years of phased retirement without an equivalent drop in income in the first two years.

Year 1 | 50 percent workload, 100 percent salary

Year 2 | 50 percent workload, 75 percent salary

Year 3 | 50 percent workload, 50 percent salary

Year 4 | Full retirement

Faculty members may retire fully after year one or two, and must retire no later than the end of year three.


Eligible faculty members may participate in this program if they:

  • Elect to participate between their 65th and 70th birthdays;
  • Have the following appointments:
    • Professor
    • Associate Professor with tenure
    • Clinical Professor - School of Law
  • Have 10 or more years of continuous service in an eligible position.

Faculty may begin the program as early as the January or July term following their 65th birthday, but no later than July 1 following their 70th birthday.

Electing the Faculty Phased Retirement Plan is a final decision that may not be revoked.

Triennial Leave

While on the Faculty Phased Retirement Plan (FPRP), faculty may schedule one Triennial Leave and receive the percentage of salary designated to that specific year of the plan.  Scheduling of a Triennial Leave during FPRP could allow for a full year off and may be scheduled during the first, second, or third year of FPRP.  Except for leaves granted for child care, care giving, or public service, a Triennial Leave may not be combined with any other leave, paid or unpaid, to make up a leave of absence for a full academic year.