Kline Tower Institute (KTI) Steering Committee


The Steering Committee of the Kline Tower Institute (KTI) for the Foundations of Data Science will serve an important oversight role in KTI governance. Members will advise KTI and University leadership on Institute strategies and scientific initiatives; help steward Institute resources; receive updates on plans and progress; provide feedback and propose ideas for new areas of Institute focus. Given the intrinsically interdisciplinary nature of the Institute mission, its success depends upon the contributions and support of a diverse Steering Committee. 

Chair:  Daniel Spielman

Committee Members: 

  • Jeff Brock, e.o.
  • Michael Crair, e.o.
  • Jame Duncan
  • Alan Gerber, e.o.
  • Anna Gilbert
  • Thomas Keegan
  • Meg Kirkpatrick, e.o.
  • Smita Krishnaswamy
  • John Lafferty
  • Daniel Spielman
  • Nisheeth Vishnoi
  • Van Vu 
  • Harrison Zhou