Why does Yale release the semi-annual reports on complaints of sexual misconduct?

By being as open as possible (within the constraints of confidentiality) about the complaints received and the steps taken in response, the University hopes to create productive community dialogue and reflection. Some of that dialogue is difficult, yet it is necessary in order to create a positive, respectful campus culture, where there is no place for sexual misconduct of any kind. The value of public reporting on the University’s actions to address sexual misconduct complaints was recognized in the 2009 Report of the Women Faculty Forum Council on Sexual Misconduct at Yale and reaffirmed in the 2011 Report to the President and Fellows of Yale University of the Advisory Committee on Campus Climate (the “Marshall Committee” Report).

The semi-annual reports are prepared by the University Title IX Coordinator, who reviews all complaints of sexual misconduct and the actions taken by the deputy Title IX Coordinators, by the University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct (UWC), by the Yale Police Department (YPD), and through other relevant venues. Through these reports, the University Title IX Coordinator hopes to inform the community about issues of sexual misconduct, raise awareness about the procedures used to investigate and address them, and engage the community in the University’s efforts to prevent sexual misconduct.