What else is Yale doing, beyond discipline, to combat sexual misconduct?

Yale has devoted extensive resources and attention to addressing and preventing sexual misconduct on campus. Reports of our efforts are available at the Title IX website and a summary of resources is available at the Sexual Misconduct Response website.

Prominent among these resources is the Sexual Harassment and Assault Response & Education Center (SHARE), which offers advocacy, information, and support to community members dealing with sexual misconduct, focusing on the needs of survivors but also working with their friends, families, and classmates. SHARE operates a 24-hr hotline and daytime drop-in services, offers individual and group sessions, and  advocates for people as they seek out medical, disciplinary, and legal processes. SHARE also collaborates with the Title IX Coordinators and other University units to provide a wide range of educational services.

At the undergraduate level, the Communication and Consent Educators (CCEs) work throughout the year to help their peers create safe, strong, respectful communities; this includes mandatory workshops for the entire freshman and sophomore classes.