When to contact a Coordinator

Title IX prohibits discrimination in all educational programs and activities, including but not limited to: recruitment, admissions, and counseling; financial assistance; athletics; sex-based harassment and misconduct; the needs of pregnant and parenting community members; discipline; and employment.

Any student, faculty or staff member, or applicant for admission or education who has concerns about sex or gender discrimination or sexual misconduct is encouraged to seek the assistance of a Title IX coordinator.

Contact a coordinator if you:

  • Wish to understand your options if you think you may have encountered sex discrimination or sexual misconduct;
  • Learn of a situation that you feel may warrant a University investigation;
  • Need help on how to handle a situation by which you are indirectly affected;
  • Seek guidance on possible informal remedies or administrative measures to de-escalate or alleviate a difficult situation;
  • Have questions about Yale’s policies and procedures.

Coordinators can also provide guidance on filing a formal complaint through the University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct (UWC) or a police report with the Yale Police Department.


Conversations with coordinators are kept confidential, but information about incidents of sexual misconduct must be shared with relevant administrators if the University needs to take action for reasons of community safety.  In all cases, the wishes of the person initiating the conversation are given full consideration.