University Research Compliance Committee


The Committee is charged with reviewing and addressing the institutional implications of existing and proposed legislation, regulations, and guidance that relate to the conduct of research at the University. In addition, the Committee advises the Office of the Provost, Research Administration, and the Office of General Counsel regarding means to enhance the research community’s understanding of and compliance with these regulations and related University policies. Finally, the Committee is called upon from time to time to review and make recommendations regarding issues relating to specific research compliance programs, such as those involving human subject protections and conflicts of interest.

Chair: Pam Caudill

Committee Members:

  • Madelon Baranoski
  • Douglas Bebbington
  • Robert Bienstock
  • Susan Bouregy
  • Kathy Byington
  • ​Linda Coleman
  • Donald Deyo
  • Kathryn Engle
  • Elizabeth Eynon
  • Kelly Fusco
  • Alyssa Gateman
  • Tracy Guarnieri
  • Troy Hallman
  • ​Christopher Hanson
  • Richard Jacob
  • Jason Killheffer
  • Marjorie Lemmon
  • Nancy Loucks
  • Donna McMahon
  • Christopher Mihok
  • Jill Pagliuca
  • Peter Reinhardt
  • Albert Sinusas
  • James Slattery
  • Cynthia Smith
  • Stephanie Spangler
  • Alice Tangredi-Hannon
  • Mathew Varughese
  • Cynthia Walker