Faculty Retirement


Retirement is a deeply personal decision, one that requires thoughtful consideration not only of your financial situation but also how it will affect daily life in a beloved profession. For some, retirement means more time for continued scholarship without administrative obligations; for others, it means more time for personal pursuits. Whatever your plans and goals, we want to reduce the uncertainty surrounding retirement by providing planning assistance and resources for continued academic engagement after retirement, if that is your preference.

On these pages we provide detailed information about Yale’s Faculty Phased Retirement Plan, which provides eligible tenured faculty the opportunity to reduce workload to 50% and transition into retirement over a one- to three-year period while receiving 100% salary in year one, 75% in year two and 50% in year three.”

If you are interested in learning more about faculty retirement options, please contact your chair, dean, cognizant provost, or the Office of Faculty Development at 203-432-1430. They can advise you on the timing of your decision and provide answers to questions about the resources available to maintain academic involvement. To help you explore your benefit options, please consult with a faculty retirement and benefits counselor in our Human Resources department at 203-436-5193.