Faculty Development and Diversity

Yale recognizes the danger of investing only in the talents of a narrow slice of society as well as overlooking opportunities to leverage previously untapped pools of talent. A diverse faculty opens the institution to new voices, ideas, and inherently advances scholarship as well as the development of an excellent faculty. A diverse faculty promotes the modeling, mentoring, and counseling for successive generations. Diversity among the faculty expands the range of subjects and approaches in both the classroom and research environments.

An excellent faculty is a diverse faculty.

Ben polak, provost

Yale is committed to providing an environment in which all members of the academic community can grow and flourish as scholars. To do this, it is imperative for Yale not only to attract persons who bring diversity, but to avoid discouraging and losing underrepresented minorities, women, and others who contribute to faculty diversity. We acknowledge that failure to do so places a large tax on the possibilities for excellence at Yale.

Yale is also committed to supporting faculty during all facets of their careers. Faculty development is therefore vital to the promotion and maintenance of scholarship and teaching that is reflective and defining of a world class institution.

Yale’s resources in support of diversity are University-wide, including

Affinity groups
Resources provided by Human Resources